Stop Fraud Clients
and Spammers, Chargebacks, Non-Payers.
Prevent financial loss due to fraudulent and spamming clients. Our tools help you track down and avoid unpleasant clients, reported by fellow companies.
Report Abusive Customers
No more shouting, mass tickets, public threats.
You can report abusive clients to FraudRecord, so when they try to move to another company, their track record and bad publicity follows them.
Combine Your Efforts
And say "No" to misbehaving clients.
Our database is formed by companies like you, who report bad clients, so that they can be tracked across all other companies that they move onto.
What is FraudRecord?
FraudRecord is a free service for online service providers (hosting companies or others), designed to help them combine their knowledge and combat against misbehaving clients. Companies can report unpleasant clients to FraudRecord, and access our database to read the information provided by other companies.
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Privacy and Security?
FraudRecord uses an innovative technology to keep all client information absolutely safe and free of privacy violation concerns. There is no possibility of leaked sensitive data.
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How does it work?
Our database of misbehaving clients is formed by the submissions of our member companies. After a client is reported to us, all member companies can access the reported information about the same client, if the client decides to move on to another company. Otherwise client information is kept secret.
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How can you use it?
We provide billing integration modules so you can report or query your clients within your own billing panel. We also provide an online report manager panel on our own website. Both completely free to use.
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