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Support the development of FraudRecord!

Support the development of FraudRecord!

FraudRecord is free, and there is no obligation to pay. However there is still a cost to continuously develop and run it. The database is ever-growing, more companies are making hundreds of queries everyday, complaints are being handled, billing system modules are updated, and there are time consuming manual checks. Costs do add up.

You may make a small month-to-month donation to help us keep this service free. It's all voluntary contribution.

What do you get?

You get to be on the supporting companies list which is publicly available. If you become a Platinum Sponsor, you are in the footer on every page with a link to your company website.

You will get a badge to display on your website.

But most importantly, you will be helping keeping this service free forever. And it will be developed faster and get better every day.

Sponsoring Packages

You may choose to donate whatever amount you want. You will be listed in our sponsoring companies list in a category of your choice. The more you contribute, the higher you are listed.

All contributions are monthly recurring PayPal payments. Monthly payments ensure that your company stays in the sponsor list, and our service will benefit from your contribution continuously.
These contributions may be tax deductible depending on your company's location.

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Become a Sponsor Now! See all Sponsors