This is an overview of our database and member companies. Our database grows everyday by the contributions of our members like you.

Number of Member Companies: 2647

2647 companies have registered to FraudRecord and created reporter profiles.

Number of Reported Clients: 34107

34107 reports have been submitted, and the amount is growing every day.

Last 90 Days

2903 reports have been submitted to FraudRecord by 307 companies during the last 90 days.

Last 30 Days

972 reports have been submitted to FraudRecord by 161 companies during the last 30 days.

Total Queries

3,818,981 queries have been made by our members. Of those, 40,807 queries were run through the Report Manager panel, while 3,778,174 queries were made using the billing system modules.

Total Pieces of Data

Every encrypted name, email address, ip address and other information that is submitted through reports is a data piece, and your queries will be run through the whole list. Any matching report will be presented to you.